Puerto Rico Tech Summit – June 7th

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TechSummit 2016 – “The Strategy is Delivery”
April 1, 2016

Puerto Rico Tech Summit – June 7th


This year we will be celebrating the 4th edition of the Puerto Rico Tech Summit.  

Puerto Rico is facing serious financial and political challenges, and with the possibility of a Congressional Fiscal Control Board looming in the Island, there is no bigger inflection point to take advantage of building new digital institutions that will genuinely allow the effective redesign of government operations. This is our chance to work together to build an awesome future for Puerto Rico, and set a real example of disruptive – yet very necessary – technological collaboration and innovation.

It is impossible to build that future without instilling a new governance culture that embraces technology as the means to ensure operational efficiency of service operations.  

This Summit is known for bringing together high-ranking world government officials, engaged in disruptive technological strategies, and technology industry leaders who continually push the boundaries of disruption to build companies that disrupt traditional habits to develop innovative solutions to transform and improve delivery of government services.  

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